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  • Leave your name, any phone numbers you can be reached at over the following 3 hours (or the first 3 hours of the next day if you call after hours), and a very brief message about the nature of the call. Attempts will be made to return your call at least 3 times, so please check your messages if you haven't yet spoken to the Dr. If you have a quick question that is not urgent, use e-mail. If you are so ill that it cannot wait 3 hours or until the next morning if it is after 5 pm, and it is not a life-threatening emergency, call me and press zero after the prompt.
  • Call 911 - don't wait for me to call back! We do not provide emergency services!


  • Because of poor reimbursement and recent Medicare cuts in house-call visits, the only way I can provide the personalized, diligent care that I want to, and is best for you or your loved ones, is to change my primary care practice to what we call a "concierge" practice. What does this mean?

    1. You have direct access to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have an e-mail you can use, my direct cell phone you have access to, and an urgency pager if you need to get hold of me within 30 minutes. I answer my own cell phone calls and return them myself, rather than have a medical assistant as a go-between. I usually answer within 1 1/2 hours. I will only have another doctor cover for the 4 or 5 weeks a year I am out of the country.

    2. I will call or e-mail your designated family member after each visit, if he/she cannot make it to the visit, and will try my best to accommodate the family member's schedule for appointments.

    3. I will travel to your home, which is included in the yearly fee, without a separate travel charge.

    4. I will see you or your loved one within 48 hours on weekdays (if necessary) for an urgent care visit. Of course, you need to dial 911 for life-threatening emergencies unless you have decided you don't want to go to a hospital under those circumstances.

    5. I will complete all forms, including the 6 page yearly forms for board and care homes and assisted living.

    6. I will bill your insurance for you for each visit (you are still responsible for any co-pay or "patient responsibility" portion of the visit). I accept Medicare assignment, which is a savings for you.

    Price to you for these services
    $4,000.00 per year per person. This will be billed quarterly, which will be $1,000 per quarter. The second quarter will be pro-rated. There will be no refund of the quarterly fee if a patient expires during that quarter. That is the reason it is billed quarterly instead of yearly. Either cash or check is accepted.

    Note to Medicare Patients that have a different billing address than Alameda or Contra Costa County: I am legally entitled to the reimbursement for the counties in which I visit the patient, but Medicare has a glitch in their system such that I will only get paid for the location Medicare and Social Security Administration have on file for sending their statements. You can change the physical address to my patient.s actual physical address and I will be paid appropriately by contacting both Social Security Administration and Medicare. Otherwise, I will be paid less and you will be charged for the difference.


  • Non-Medicare patient visits: $400 per hour ($40 for 1/10th hour, 1/2 hour minimum).

  • Non-Primary Care Visits: I am not seeing patients that are not my primary care patients at this time.

  • Liaison visits and other visits that are not covered by Medicare: Same fee as the non-Medicare patient visits above.

  • Presently, only cash or check is accepted.


Please review our Notice of Privacy Practices document.

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